With over $300 million of committed, long-term capital, Signal Hill is one of Canada’s leading middle market focused private equity firms. We invest that capital in two sectors:

What We Do

At Signal Hill, we understand that success is rarely a straight line. Our access to long-term capital means that Signal Hill can help its portfolio companies ride out turbulent economic cycles and maximize their potential by investing in R&D, expanding their product offering or completing a strategic acquisition.

Our Approach

Creating value in private equity takes time and specialized expertise.

Signal Hill realizes that focus and perseverance are critical components to building a successful company and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners, helping them to not only overcome obstacles, but to thrive.

Long-term Focus

Signal Hill takes a long-term approach to investing. We build enduring companies that dominate a niche, putting the full weight of our organization behind them to drive growth and operational improvements. It takes two to three years to understand the key drivers of a business – that’s usually when most PE firms look to sell. Signal Hill has access to very long term equity and has owned some of the investments in our portfolio for more than 10 years.

Unparalleled Operational Support

Building a business often requires specialized expertise to help with strategic planning, marketing, supply chain management, computer systems, manufacturing issues and more.

In addition to our investment team, we have a dedicated portfolio support team, the Signal Hill Operational Improvement Team. This team includes engineers, accountants, a human resource specialist and in-house legal counsel, who all work with our partners, when asked, so that the management team can focus on running and growing their business.